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The Legacy of Margaret Archer

A BSA Theory Study Group One-Day Symposium

3 August 2024 (10am-5pm)
University of Warwick, UK

About the Event

We are delighted to announce a one-day symposium dedicated to exploring and celebrating the legacy of Margaret Archer, one of the most influential sociological thinkers of our time. The aim of the symposium is to engage with and critically assess Archer’s contributions to social theory, her influences and engagements outside critical realism, the global reception of her work, and her place within the larger tradition of critical realism.

Margaret Archer’s work has had a profound impact on social theory, challenging and reshaping our understanding of agency, structure, culture and their interplay in producing social change. Her contributions to the discipline have been wide-ranging, from critical interventions in conceptual debates to discussions about the nature of our times. Archer’s engagements with other thinkers, both within and outside the critical realist tradition, have shaped contemporary sociological debates.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting conference and to engaging in lively discussions about the legacy of Margaret Archer’s work.


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  • Non-Members: £10