Deconstructing Donation Special Interest Group

In recent years, there has been increased political and social interest in the donation of organs, gametes, blood and tissue. As a result, the concept of donation and the related activities of procurement and collection, processing and banking, distribution and allocation, are emerging as the focus of studies once again.

The seminal text on donation is that by Richard Titmuss. It seems unthinkable to discuss any aspect of 'donation' without referencing Richard Titmuss’ (1970) work on blood donation, 'The Gift Relationship'. However, is Titmuss' work the only way to theorise 'donation'? Is it possible to treat 'donation' as a homogenous entity, and therefore apply a theory that relates to all types of donation? Since the 1970s, what can be donated and for what purposes has evolved and progressed, raising the question: what does 'donation' look like in the twenty first century?