Legacies: making a donation to the BSA in your will

Image of Lynn JamiesonI value the British Sociological Association because I believe in sociology and want our discipline to continue to flourish in the UK. The core objectives of the BSA are to promote sociology and support sociologists. Its work provides an essential infrastructure for the thriving of our discipline through its journals, publications, annual meeting, events, special interest groups, study groups and support for individual members. It is a democratic organisation and its activities are steered by trustees and officers elected by and from its members. BSA services span the various circumstances of our sociological life course, materials for school-teachers, outreach to undergraduates, many benefits for post-graduates, small grants to low-income members and concessionary rates for the retired.  The BSA defends and represents sociology in the UK in dialogue with government, decision makers and the media. It joins with others on issues of common cause, defending public universities, social science and academic freedom.

If you are planning on making a will, please consider making a donation to the BSA. Whether very small or not, such donations will make it possible for the BSA to do more. Income from legacies would also help to safeguard the future of the BSA. Current funding is only very partially from membership fees, which do not fully cover the cost of services, and mainly derives from the publication of journals, an income stream that may significantly change its profile in the future. Safeguarding the BSA will safeguard the future of sociology in the UK.

I thank you in advance.

Lynn Jamieson, President


The British Sociological Association is a registered charity with the mission of representing the intellectual and sociological interests of its members. By remembering the Association in your Will you can help us to support the future of sociology and the next generation of sociologists.

Bequests can be made for a general purpose, which will allow the funds to be used by the Association as needed or for a specific purpose.

If you have any questions about leaving a gift to the Association in your Will, please contact Kerry Collins, Company Secretary.

Gifts to the Association, as it is a charity may reduce the liability of your estate to inheritance tax in the UK and may be treated favourably in other countries.

There are three main types of gift.

  • Pecuniary legacy: A specific sum, which can be index-linked to safeguard its future value.
  • Specific legacy:  A particular named item left as a gift in your Will for example, a piece of jewellery or property.
  • Residuary legacy:  This is a gift of the remainder or percentage of your estate after all other legacies have been made and debts cleared. Residuary legacies keep up with inflation and are an effective way to divide the value of an estate between a number of people and causes that are important to you.

We recommend that you consult a solicitor or qualified Will-writer before making a Will or changing an existing one. These professionals will be able to give you all the legal and tax advice that you require.  Additions to an existing Will can be made using a Form of Codicil (a codicil is a document that sits alongside an existing Will, detailing any changes to it). Please note that witnesses should be present when you sign the form, but they must not be either a member of the British Sociological Association or the spouse of a member of the Association. 

Suggested wording for inclusion in a will

I give to the British Sociological Association, registered charity number 1080235, at Chancery Court, Belmont Business Park, Durham DH1 1TW [a certain bequest] for the general purposes of the Association or  for ‘such and such’ a purpose, or for such other purpose as the Board of Trustees of the Association shall decide and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper office for the time being of the said Association shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.

Tell us about your gift

If you decide to make a legacy to the British Sociological Association or if you have already remembered us in your Will, we would be very grateful if you would indicate your intentions by completing this form and returning it to us.

Restricted endowments: Please contact us if you have a specific purpose in mind for your gift to ensure that its use meets your wishes whilst supporting the aims of the Association.