Sociology of the Arts Study Group

The purpose of this study group is to provide an intellectual home and meeting point for those studying the arts and culture from a variety of sociological perspectives. From fine and popular art forms, to design, fashion, architecture, and digital aesthetics, the arts (broadly understood) play a central role in everyday contemporary life as well as how society comes to see itself. Within and through these artforms, shared meanings, relationships, lives, and political movements, and representation of the past are built. This raises questions of artistic and cultural meaning, value, labour, and representation, as well as the inherent power dynamics in such, all of which sociology is well equipped to address. Sociology offers a diversity of approaches to studying the arts and is enriched by its interdisciplinary neighbours in art theory, history, anthropology, cultural and media studies, amongst others. What’s more, as sociology embraces more creative methodologies, it opens itself up to art as a practice as well as an object of study.

Through online and in-person seminars, a newsletter, mailing-list, and conference organisation, this study group exists to foster a scholarly community for those who think sociologically with and about the arts. The study group is particularly interested in fostering the PGR community in the field and will hold special events to do so. Our PGR Rep makes sure that the study group serves the needs of PGRs.