The purpose of this study group is to provide a space in which social scientists working in and with the arts, in its various guises, can come together to exchange ideas, thoughts and arguments. Though the theoretical frameworks discussed in this group may relate to other study areas, this group provides those with an specific interest in the arts a space in which to consider how art is valued, understood, and practiced in our social world.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide spaces, both digitally and in person, in which academics who think sociologically with and about the arts can come together and share ideas, thoughts, and arguments.
  • To generate a sense of community amongst those who, from various institutional locations, work at the intersections of the arts and sociology.
  • To encourage inter- and trans-disciplinary thinking and research and collaboration in the sociology of the arts.
  • To pursue links with other academic channels with similar interests, such as the BSA journal Cultural Sociology.
  • To forge links between academics and practitioners in the arts and cultural sectors.