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    Class origin is as strong a factor as social mobility in voting Conservative, says research

    Young people’s class loyalty is a stronger factor in voting Conservative at general elections than whether they have moved up or down the social ladder, a new study has found.

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    ‘Eclectic and remarkable’ book about expatriates wins Philip Abrams Memorial Prize

    ‘Expatriate: Following A Migration Category’, by Dr Sarah Kunz, of the University of Essex, wins this year’s Philip Abrams Memorial book prize.

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    acKnowledge Repository

    Showcasing best practice in race and ethnicity pedagogy & recruitment, the purpose of the acKnowledge repository is to send out a clear message about the value of diversity in the learning and teaching of sociology.

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    Membership of the BSA starts at £40 for full-time students. Your membership supports the Association's charitable aim of promoting sociology in the UK and beyond. Join now!

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    The Discover Sociology website is an online information hub for students and teachers at secondary level (i.e. GCSE, A Level or eq...

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