Bourdieu Study Group

Bourdieu's fecund nature and challenging intellect led him to be concerned with a number of fields or areas, giving his work appeal to sociologists with interests in a range of substantive issues. The most well known areas of inquiry include education and cultural consumption but his work has an extensive reach and encompasses areas such as art, literature, the economy, power, poverty, the family, gender and social class.  Bringing together researchers with varying interests this new group hopes to advance scholarly thought and debate in issues pertaining to Bourdieu's theoretical approach.


Dear participants to the BSA Bourdieu Study Group Conference on Educational Transitions and Social Inequalities. We hope this message finds you well, in spite of the sanitary crisis.

As you all know, due to the COVID-19 we had to adjourn the planned Conference in early July 2020. We decided to postpone the conference for a whole year in order to ensure a face-to-face event in July 2021. We do believe that ruing the conference face-to-face is the best option due to academic, organisational and personal reasons.

However, the evolution of the pandemic is still very uncertain and it is not possible to organise a face-to-face conference next July. After a long discussion, the Convenors of the BSA Bourdieu Study Group have sadly made a decision: to cancel the Conference on Educational Transitions and Social Inequalities expected for July 2021. We are so sorry for that. We were truly looking forward to this event. But we don’t believe we can ensure its essence in an online modality.

We hope the sanitary situation will stabilise shorty and we will be able to meet soon.

Aina Tarabini
On behalf of the BSA Bourdieu Study Group’s Convenors