Scottish Sociology Study Group

The Scottish Sociology Group was relaunched in October 2009. This study group is a forum through which researchers investigating issues relating to Scotland, its people and communities, culture and society, economy and politics within the 21st century can come together. We hope to consolidate research on Scottish society and politics in a changing global world, exploring what the global climate means in this local context and what tools we can use to explore this.

Interested in Scottish Sociology?

As of 2017, Paul Gilfillan (Queen Margaret) and Alex Law (Abertay) became the new co-convenors of the BSA Scottish Sociology Study Group (taking over from Liz Dinnie). As new convenors we are conscious of practicing sociology some 20 years after the restoration of the Scottish Parliament and wish to explore and reflect upon this new context, and so are currently meeting with sociologists living and working in Scotland who are also keen to discuss what this new national and political context means for the practice of sociology.

As well as established sociology colleagues we are contacting post-graduate sociology students with a view to recruiting more members and asking how to take forward the sociological imagining of Scotland.

If you would like to join us in these conversations or have any suggestions please contact us.

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