Aims of the Group

Statistical methods have been essential to many fields of sociology for decades. The critical study of social inequalities, of populations, and the study of social change across space and time would be unthinkable without the help of quantitative methods and statistics. There has been an increasing interest in statistical methods by employers and students of other social sciences in recent years and large funding bodies have acknowledged this by major successful initiatives such as Q-step. The BSA annual conference has also seen an increase in quantitative papers by colleagues. Yet, until recently, statistics has played a somewhat marginal role in British Sociology and there has not been a dedicated space for quantitatively oriented sociologists to meet, exchange and critique work and develop new ideas. The new social statistics study group wants to offer a forum to do just that. The group aims to bring sociologists with a shared interest in statistical (or mixed) methods together and to offer a shared space to meet, develop ideas, present work. We would like to invite everybody with an interest in statistical (or other quantitative) methods along to the new study group.

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