The number of studies on social reproduction and care has grown exponentially in the last few years. From analyses of the labour conditions of care workers, explorations of the proximity of spaces of production and social reproduction, to discussions of the complex affects entailed in care and visions of care societies as necessary utopias, these concepts and the theories they inform, are increasingly animating the sociological imagination. Yet, care and social reproduction are often relegated to the realm of gender/women’s studies, or studies in social policy, family, or ageing, even though they are central to social theory and sociological theorising, particularly after the recent Pandemic has shown the importance of discussions about care and social reproduction for our very survival.

This study group aims to bring together scholars who work at the intersections of these debates in order to deepen our understanding of care and social reproduction and engage in a range of activities to highlight the wealth of sociological research on these topics and its importance in shaping and informing public debates.

In particular the group will aim to:

  • Organise meetings to discuss activities/readings/initiatives related to care and social reproduction.
  • Create a wide network of sociologists, nationally and internationally, who work on care and social reproduction.
  • Organise panels at the annual BSA conference.
  • Inform the public debate on the importance of thinking sociologically about care and social reproduction.