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A selection of items about the BSA, our journals, and sociology in the news media:

Minorities and women less likely to report workplace bullying, study finds
Bangladesh Weekly, 30 April 2024

Video game obsessed adults 'much more likely to be working class', new study shows
Mirror, 5 April 2024

Aristocrats ‘have more influence now than 150 years ago’
The Telegraph, 5 April 2024

Study finds aristocrats more influential now than they were in the past
MSN, 5 April 2024

You're less likely to get promoted if you work from home, study shows
ahoo, 5 April 2024

People who work from home are less likely to get pay rises and promotions - especially men, study finds
Daily Mail, 5 April 2024

Aristocrats have increased their influence in Britain over the past 150 years, research claims
Independent, 5 April 2024

Aristocrats have increased their influence in Britain over the past 150 years, research claims
AOL, 5 April 2024

Art and class: Working-class artists on breaking into exclusive world
BBC News, 19 November 2023

Oversight of police custody in England and Wales ‘inadequate to stop misconduct'
The Guardian, 16 April 2023

Women more stressed than men when working hours are fragmented during the day
HR News, 14 April 2023

Parents’ help with schoolwork does little for children’s progress – study
Independent, 13 April 2023

Those with darker skin can feel 'stigmatised' within Asian culture
Asian Image, 12 April 2023

Helping your child with their school subjects? It may not do any good
Africa Times, 12 April 2023

Social class contributes more to pupil progress than homework help, says Manchester University study
ITV, 12 April 2023

Going to private school makes you twice as likely to vote Tory, study finds
The Guardian, 8 April 2023

Italy’s referees punish more dark-skinned footballers than light
The Guardian, 25 February 2023

Huge decline of working class people in the arts reflects fall in wider society
The Guardian, 10 December 2022

Income not enough to break British class barriers, research finds
The Guardian, 11 September 2022

Not so progressive after all? Working from home leads to fathers doing LESS childcare and housework out of fear they may 'lose their masculinity', study finds
Daily Mail, 31 August 2022

Working from home may lead to fathers doing LESS childcare to maintain masculinity, study finds
ExpressDigest, 31 August 2022

Young children do better at school if their dads draw, play and paint with them regularly, study finds
iNews, 21 April 2022

New research claims that some landlords are using negligence to force out regulated tenants
Property Reporter, 21 April 2022

Coastal populations unaware homes are unprotected from potential flooding
Environment Journal, 20 April 2022

Government scheme 'ineffective at preventing abuse and death in custody' says research
24H Tech, 20 April 2022

Women working from home say their careers are harmed, while men say they have benefitted
HR News, 19 April 2022

Rich countries that let inequality run rampant make citizens unhappy, study finds
Yahoo! News, 17 April 2022

Rich countries that let inequality run rampant make citizens unhappy, study finds
The Guardian, 17 April 2022

NHS therapists are ‘pressured to exaggerate success’
HR News, 1 September 2021

High-Ranking Military Personnel Are More Likely Than Lower Ranks To Find Quality Jobs In Civilian Life
Mental Daily, 1 September 2021

Wellbeing classes in the workplace aren’t doing enough for mental health, study suggests
Metro, 1 September 2021

Irish women more likely than men to be job hunting since pandemic – study
The Irish Times, 25 August 2021

Thousands in UK may have missed out on work rights redress, study finds
The Guardian, 14 April 2021

Private school scholarships 'do little' to boost social mobility because the majority go to upper and middle class families, says study
The Daily Mail, 13 April 2021

Private providers leave UK higher education ‘cold spots’ untouched (subscription required)
Times Higher Education, 13 April 2021

Private schools do ‘remarkably little’ to boost inclusion
The Times Educational Supplement, 13 April 2021

Private schools accused of obscuring how little they spend on scholarships (subscription required)
The Times, 13 April 2021

LGBT policies in workplace do not make homosexual or bisexual workers happier, study suggests (subscription required)
The Telegraph, 17 February 2021

Lesbians and Bisexual People Less Satisfied at Work than Heterosexual Colleagues
The HR Director, 17 February 2021

Many dads unaware of UK laws on flexible work, study finds
The Guardian, 31 October 2020

Ethnic minority sociologists ‘face hostility’ when teaching race
Times Higher Education, 17 September 2020

BAME sociology teachers face hostility while covering race, ethnicity: Report
EasternEye, 15 September 2020

Black Lives Matter: ‘Little success since Seventies’ in fight against workplace racism
The Times, 18 June 2020

Ethnic minorities have fewer job opportunities due to ‘societal racism’, says new study
etro, 14 June 2020

'Persistent racism' still mars job prospects for BAME Britons
he Guardian, 14 June 2020

Chris Grayling’s privatisation of probation service ‘a disaster’
The Guardian, 30 June 2019

Industrial collapse of Thatcher years led to crime rise, study finds
The Guardian, 27 April 2019

Full-time working mothers are 40% more stressed, study finds
Independent, 27 January 2019

People living in areas of wealth disparity are more sympathetic to disability, says research, 13 September 2018

Scotland's most deprived 'more likely to die alone at home'
The Guardian, 13 September 2018

Non-Russell Group degree ‘harms affluent women’s prospects’
Times Higher Education, 12 September 2018

Dogs on campus: pets or workers?
Times Higher Education, 12 April 2018

Diversity Is A Myth In Middle-Class Cultural Spaces
Huffington Post, 12 April 2018

People are less happy with restaurant food and their dining companions than they were 20 years ago
iNews, 12 April 2018

Young Eastern Europeans Are Reporting Increased Racism And Xenophobia After The Brexit Vote

The Key to Happiness for Men Revealed in New Study
Newsweek, 10 April 2018

Men who fail to equal parents' achievements 'suffer mental distress'
The Guardian, 10 April 2018

Promotion ‘makes women much less satisfied with their new job’
The Guardian, 20 August 2017

Professional people spend more time eating
iNews, 26 June 2017

One in three women say they want sex less than their partner but accept that men wanting more is 'part and parcel' of a normal relationship
aily Mail, 5 April 2017

Graffiti dying out as artists switch to social media, say academics
iNews, 5 April 2017

The Swinging Over-Sixties: most older couples are happy with their sex lives
iNews, 5 April 2017

Why eating out's become a fast food affair: Three-courses falls out of fashion as people plan restaurant meals just minutes before they go
Daily Mail, 4 April 2017

People who oppose UK immigration are less happy than those who support it, research shows
Independent, 4 April 2017

Perfecting the art of thinking? Try sketching out your ideas
Times Higher Education, 29 March 2017

Why men still won't get their hands dirty at home
The Guardian, 12 March 2017

Bisexual men 'earn 30% less than gay colleagues'
The Guardian, 22 October 2016

British white men 'among hardest hit' by unemployment, research finds
The Telegraph, 7 September 2016

SHOO-INK FOR A JOB: Having visible tattoos ‘can increase your chances of getting a trendy job in a bar or at a fashion retailer’
The Sun, 7 September 2016

A move to the country will hit your wallet
Guardian, 15/05/2016

Britons 'more likely' to say they are working class than citizens of ANY other country
Express, 08/04/2016

Football aces' bet addiction ruins play
The Sun (Main), 07/04/2016, p.15, Chloe Mayer 
players on the coach or by betting online, which allows them to keep it secret from partners. But it is rife at some clubs and fuels bad team spirit, a British Sociological Association conference heard in Birmingham. Former pro Graeme Law, 31, interviewed 34 current and former players as part of his PhD at Chester University. They admitted allowing their....

Gambling fears 'hit performances'
The Daily Telegraph (Sport), 07/04/2016, p.7, Ben Rumsby 
Footballers are underperforming on the pitch because of worries arising from losing at poker on the team coach or at hotels before matches, the British Sociological Association's annual conference in Birmingham will hear today. As part of his PhD, Graeme Law, of the University of Chester, interviewed 34 current and former professional players, who....

Jack Wills: aspiration, ambivalence and class on campus
Times Higher Education Supplement (Web), 06/04/2016, Unattributed 
public school-educated undergraduate. Dr Smith’s research, which is the subject of his book Elites, Race and Nationhood: The Branded Gentry , was presented at the annual conference of the British Sociological Association on 6 April. Growth in the popularity of the Jack Wills brand during the 2000s coincided with the entry into selective universities of large numbers of....

Muslim women much less likely to be employed than non-Muslim women with same qualifications, research suggests
The Independent (Web), 07/04/2016, Unattributed 
in Qatar and Dr Shereen Hussein of King’s College London and involved data analysis of more than a quarter of a million women’s lives. It was presented yesterday at the British Sociological Association's annual conference. Dr Khattab said: "Economic activity among Muslim women in the UK remains considerably lower and their unemployment rate remains significantly higher than the majority....

Children of single parents `marginalised? in higher education
Times Higher Education Supplement (Web), 07/04/2016, Unattributed 
less likely to enter higher education and to gain a degree, few quantitative studies of this kind have been carried out in the UK. At the conference of the British Sociological Association on 7 April, Dr Gagnon was due to present the results of interviews with 26 daughters of single mothers, which suggest that similar challenges may exist in....

27 February 2016
New study exposes 'class ceiling' that deters less privileged actors (The Observer)

8 February 2016
Why City firms struggle to challenge elitism (The Conversation)

16 September 2015
Degree holders more interested in arts (The Australian)
Here's why artists, musicians, actors tend to be middle class (webindia123)
Degree holders 'more likely to participate in the arts' (BT News)

15 September 2015
Are the arts only for the middle classes? Having a degree is the main factor behind why people paint, act and play instruments, researcher say (Daily Mail)

10 September 2015
High-earning men would take a pay cut to spend more time with partners, says study (The Globe and Mail)
Men Would Take Pay Cut to Spend More Time With Partners (The New Indian Express)
Most high-earning men want to earn less and work less, academic study finds (The Telegraph)

16 April 2015
Facebook can worsen or enhance your mental health (Delhi Daily News)

15 April 2015
Study turns spotlight on Glasgow street gangs (BBC News)
Victorian juvenile criminals less likely to re-offend compared to modern counterparts, study shows (The Independent)
From Artful Dodger to honest worker: how apprenticeships kept juvenile re-offending rates down in Victorian times (The Telegraph)
British Muslim women 71% more likely to be unemployed due to workplace discrimination (The Independent)
12-year-olds turning violent in Glasgow’s gangs (The Scotsman)
Yorkshire study lays bare harrowing accounts of disabled victims of sexual and physical abuse (Yorkshire Post)

1 April 2015
Welfare States ‘Encourage’ People to Want to Work, Study Reveals (Newsweek) 

1 April 2015
Generous welfare benefits make people MORE likely to work, study claims (Daily Mail) 

1 April 2015
8 av 10 nordmenn sier de ville gått på jobb selv om de ikke trengte pengene (dagbladet Nyheter)  

31 March 2015
Generous welfare systems actually make people more keen to work, Europe-wide study finds (The Independent) 

25 March 2015
Why the bleak service station is best for business people (The Independent)

A summary of some of the coverage in the news media of the BSA Annual Conference 2014, 23-25 April:

Children living with a step-parent or a lone parent are as happy as those living with two biological parents

Migrating to the Mediterranean in search of a better lifestyle makes people unhappier than if they stayed at home

Girls and young women can achieve influence and high status in criminal street gangs because of their people skills

Each year several hundred articles are written in UK and other media about research presented at BSA conferences and in BSA journals. Here are a few of these from the last few years:

Huffington Post

Women 'Suffer Greater Stress And Inequality Than Men At Work' Global Study Finds

South Africa Daily Mail

High-earning mom means happy home

Daily Mail UK

High-earning mom means happy home

Time Magazine

High-earning mom means happy home

The Times

Britons feel better about immigration when Eastern Europeans settle here

Poor more generous than rich in recession, study shows

Daily Mirror


Dog bite victims treated in hospitals rise by 551%


Childless men are depressed

New York Daily News

Childless men are depressed

The Guardian

New classes emerge in society

The Independent

Scale of abuse of women revealed

The Independent

Black people in UK more likely to be unemployed than those in US

The Guardian

Black people in UK more likely to be unemployed than those in US