The BSA and Consultations

ESRC PhD review: open consultation and publication of evidence review

Some of you will be aware that ESRC has launched an open consultation to inform its review of the PhD in the social sciences. The consultation seeks views on the strengths and limitations of current doctoral study from within and outside of the social sciences. ESRC would like to hear from a diverse range of stakeholders and is seeking views from all members of the research community, learned societies, government, business, third-sector organisations and others who have an interest in the future skills needed by social science PhD students. The findings of this review will directly inform ESRC’s strategy for doctoral training and for recommissioning its Doctoral Training Partnerships in 2022/23. Alongside the consultation, ESRC is publishing a comprehensive assessment of existing research evidence on the structure, funding and assessment of social science doctoral training. The consultation is open until 16 September 2020.

Every year many consultations are issued by official bodies, including government, to which sociologists and the BSA might respond. The BSA aims to make the best use of its existing structures to facilitate and encourage its members to take part in public engagement. To this end, wherever possible, the BSA will seek to work through its members, study groups and specialist groups, i.e. the “arms and legs” of the Association, when responding to consultations.

The following facilitative processes are currently in operation:

  • Consultation requests, both internal and external, will be posted in an easily accessible place on the BSA website for all to see.
  • Consultation requests, both internal and external, will also be notified to members via BSA communication channels.
  • The convenor of the BSA Public Engagement Committee will review all consultations made known to them and, where appropriate, seek specialist input from subject-relevant individuals or groups within the BSA.
  • Individual members may choose to submit direct personal responses in their own name, in which case it will be very helpful to send a copy to the BSA Chief Executive for information.
  • BSA study groups or BSA specialist groups may choose to submit a BSA Group response, in which case a copy of the final draft response should be sent to the Chief Executive for approval by the Chair, Vice Chair and convenor of the Public Engagement Committee prior to submission.
  • The BSA may submit a formal response from the Association, which will be co-ordinated by members of the BSA Public Engagement Committee.
  • Consultation responses submitted by the BSA will be posted in an easily accessible place on the BSA website for all to see.

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