Race & Ethnicity Study Group

The BSA Race & Ethnicity Study Group was launched at the BSA's 2002 Annual Conference (in 2005, it was amalgamated with the BSA Race Forum). It provides a network and forum for those working in the area of sociology of race and ethnicity. In addition to running an email list and a Facebook page, we organise and support member conferences and other events, and meet each year at the BSA Annual Conference. At the 2013 conference, we also had a dedicated Race and Ethnicity Sub-Stream. We currently have members working on a wide range of topics and issues related to race and ethnicity, including but not limited to: theories of race, ethnicity and racism, racisms, race relations and anti-racism, migration, education, crime and criminal justice, the far right and organised racism, youth, cultural studies, media, sport, health, postcolonialism and decoloniality.

Annual Report

Read theĀ Race & Ethnicity Study Group's Annual Report.