Social Class Study Group

The BSA Social Class Study Group was established in March 2021 in recognition of the enduring power of class inequalities, and their relevance to the contemporary field of sociology.

The group acknowledges the manifold ways in which social class has been and continues to be conceptualised, as well as the various ways social class intersects with other substantive fields of sociology.

This group covers (but is not limited to): enduring and contemporary debates surrounding social class and its intersections; and empirical, theoretical, methodological and pedagogical work in the field of contemporary class studies.

Aims of the Group

  • To establish an inclusive, collegial and inspiring space for those either from a working-class background and/or working on sociological issues pertaining to class.
  • To establish a class study group as part of the broader BSA community, and position class studies (and its intersections) as a central issue within contemporary sociological debates.
  • To provide a supportive space for working-class academics from all echelons (from postgraduate to professor) to share both their work, and their class-informed experiences of the academy.
  • To make visible the practices, problems and possibilities (pedagogically or otherwise) of teaching social class and related inequalities within contemporary UK higher education.

Annual Report

The Social Class Study Group Annual Report is now available.