Key BSA Events

Healthy spaces: space, place and design for well-being

17/05/2017 Read More

What is educational research and who is it for?

02/06/2017 Read More

Confronting and Experiencing the White Academy

06/06/2017 Read More

Policing Futures: Contexts, Practices and Debates

07/06/2017 Read More

Researching youth in troubling times: Mess, method and ethical puzzles

08/06/2017 Read More

Health, Risks and Changing Society: Challenges and Opportunities for Medical Sociology

16/06/2017 Read More

Caring for Ourselves and Others as Early Career Academics

20/06/2017 Read More

Violence Against Women Study Group Event

23/06/2017 Read More

'It’s a Family Affair' - Researching with Families

23/06/2017 Read More

Contemporary Racisms in Scotland and England: Interrogating, Comparing, and Learning from Brexit and its Aftermath

23/06/2017 Read More

Fifth BSA Food Study Group Conference: Food & Society 2017

26/06/2017 Read More

Public Sociology as Pedagogy, Research and Practice: Threats and Opportunities Today

29/06/2017 Read More

Queer Studies: Looking Back, Looking Forward

30/06/2017 Read More

The Precariatisation of Women's Lives

30/06/2017 Read More

Social Mobility, Aspirations, Education and White Working-Class Youth: Urban, Rural and Coastal Contexts

05/07/2017 Read More

Understanding Human Rights in Practice: opportunities, challenges and the need for a contextual approach

12/07/2017 Read More

Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference 2017

12/07/2017 Read More

Romantic relationships in a time of 'cold intimacies'

17/07/2017 Read More

Ethics, vulnerability and emotion in the research process

27/07/2017 Read More

Risk in the Media: Continuity and Change – A Sociological Workshop

08/09/2017 Read More

BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference

13/09/2017 Read More

Sociology across the Generations Workshop 1: Intersections and Inter-disciplinarity

13/09/2017 Read More

Emotions in Social and Political Change

15/09/2017 Read More

Social Theory Beyond Whiteness

21/09/2017 Read More

Women of Colour Researchers in Scotland: A Mentoring Symposium

22/09/2017 Read More

Second BSA Conference on Society, Environment and Human Health

27/10/2017 Read More

Death and Time

01/12/2017 Read More