‘What is Sociology for?’ New videos explore the scope of the journal

New videos published on the Sociology journal homepage this week feature exclusive article presentations by a selection of the journal’s authors. These videos highlight the broad scope of the journal and the diversity of the papers within it:

  • ‘What is Sociology for?
    This session features presentations by Professor Sasha Roseneil, Dr Sam Friedman, and Sociology Co-Editor Professor Sarah Neal. They discuss their work, outlining why they chose to publish in Sociology and how the issues they raised can be developed further by the journal.
  • ‘Comedy and Social Science: Towards a Methodology of Funny’
    Professor Cate Watson discusses her 2016 SAGE Prize-winning paper ‘A Sociologist Walks into a Bar (and Other Academic Challenges): Towards a Methodology of Humour’, which makes the case for the power of humour as a rhetorical, and above all methodological, device in sociology.
  • Global Futures & Epistemologies of the South
    This special issue took stock of the progress that has been made within sociology to become a more globally oriented discipline and discussed the new challenges for the future that emerges as a consequence. This session featured presentations from key contributors Dr Martin Savransky and Dr Lucia Pradella. You can read the special issue here.

Click here for the full list of videos.

These presentations formed part of the British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2017, held on 4-6 April at the University of Manchester. Join us for next year’s conference, to be held at Northumbria University from 10-12 April 2018 where we’ll be talking about ‘Identity, Community and Social Solidarity’