The BSA Youth Study Group brings together sociologists with an interest in youth studies and youth-led research. We support postgraduate and early career researchers as well as established academics to help ensure excellence and relevance in all work which has young people at its heart. From its establishment in 1999, the BSA Youth Study Group has worked to build networks, produce inclusive spaces, and create exciting opportunities for dialogue within the sociology of youth as well as across the wider youth studies community.

Our activities include:

  • Organising symposiums on youth related topics.
  • Creating journal Special Issues and edited book collections on substantive concerns in our field.
  • Exploring intersections between youth, gender, social class, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and disability as factors which shape the lives of young people.
  • Facilitating dialogue between sociologists of youth and those from other disciplines.
  • Supporting PGRs and ECRs situated in the sociology of youth and youth studies. 
  • Engaging with the youth practitioner community

We encourage you to join our group and become involved in any way you can!  Join the Group's mailing list and/or follow us on twitter @BSAYouthSG.

Annual Report

The Youth Study Group Annual Report is now available.