Statement of Aims

The study group exists to promote the sociological study of happiness, where happiness is defined as having subjective aspects (emotions, subjective experiences and cognitive processes) and objective or structural elements rooted in wider relationships in the community, family, economy and other institutions. Happiness emerges out of the balance of positive and negative experiences as individuals try and construct a 'good life' in the face of the social processes that frame their life courses.

  1. The group will organise seminars and conferences around the topic of happiness research that are open to members of the BSA and also to other interested individuals who may be social scientists, policy makers and practitioners.
  2. The group will be run by a committee of convenors who will organise a division of labour to ensure that the group's activities are properly managed and comply with BSA regulations for study groups.
  3. There will be an annual business meeting where convenors/group members can attend to plan the group's activities and organise the appointment of convenors and the duties of these individuals.
  4. The group will establish and manage a discussion list via the JISC system to facilitate communication between group members.
  5. The group will work to promote research collaboration and other scholarly activity such as the production of edited books and special editions of journals.

Annual Report

The Happiness Study Group Annual Report is now available.