Sociology of consumption is a diverse field and has, in recent years, included particular attention to inequalities, identity and diversity; ethical and sustainable consumption; and ‘deviant’ consumption, as well as theoretical and conceptual advances in understandings of consumer behaviour and consumption practices. The Study Group provides a forum for addressing these substantive and theoretical issues.

Aims of the group:

The Study Group seeks to provide a productive and supportive network through which researchers working on matters relating to consumption, consumers and consumer culture can meet to present research findings and engage in dialogue and debate.

Within this, specific aims of the group include: 

  • To organise regular regional and national events where researchers from across career stages can present research findings and further debates in sociology of consumption and related areas;
  • To support Postgraduate Researchers, Early Career Researchers and other emerging scholars in the field of sociology of consumption. It is anticipated this will include offering subsidised places at Study Group events and both formal and informal mentorship opportunities;
  • To encourage interdisciplinary dialogue between sociologists of consumption and those working on related issues in other fields such as geography, social anthropology, social psychology, business and marketing studies;
  • To showcase the need for sociological insights to contribute to current debates about both the everyday lived experiences of consumers and the wider socio-political context in which the economics, ethics and sustainability of consumer culture is increasingly questioned.