Forthcoming Events

Past Events

9 May 2016
TransForming Research Practice: Towards 'Best Practice' in Transgender and Non-binary Inclusive Social Research
University of Strathclyde, UK

16 April 2016
One-day Symposium: Early Career Feminist Academics' Experiences of the Academy
University of Birmingham, UK

15 April 2016
What next for childhood studies? Pushing boundaries
University of Edinburgh, UK

13 April 2016
Ethnography in Action: Bouncers, Boxers and Drug Dealers
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

16 March 2016
Demystifying the 'insider/outsider', 'involvement/detachment' debate – Locating the Researcher in Qualitative Methodologies
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

3 March 2016
Policy engagement - how to have an impact on policy debate and policy-making?
University of Bath, UK

18 January 2016
Embodied citizenship: Mediating the state through the self
University of Nottingham, UK