The BSA Animal/Human Studies Group will enable both current and future sociologists to put non-human animals on to the specialist and mainstream sociological research agenda, thus ensuring that animal-human studies becomes a viable and significant area of sociological study.  References

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a sociological forum whereby animals and their relations with humans can be studied from a variety of sociological (and cognate) viewpoints, and to provide a specialist research forum for academics, researchers and students who share a professional interest in incorporating non-human animals into the discipline of sociology. 
  • To create a research database of animal-related research projects (including PhDs) carried out by sociologists initially in the UK. If you know of any such work please contact Dr Rebekah Fox who will be overseeing this particular project.
  • To identify gaps in the emerging animal-human studies research agenda.
  • To create opportunities for networking and research collaboration with colleagues from other social science disciplines  (such as anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, geographers, historians, law, philosophy, and psychology) who are interested in and actively researching animal-human related issues.