About the Applied Sociology Group

We are a group of sociologists who are situated largely beyond academic settings, or who do not fit the 'traditional' profile of institutionally-based sociologists.  There are currently around 300 members.  

Our group is a reminder that

  • Sociologists inhabit a wide spectrum of settings, and work in all kinds of areas, from business and commerce to the public sector to charities and voluntary organisations.
  • Only a minority of sociology graduates have permanent associations with academic institutions.
  • The BSA is there to support all sociologists.


The Applied Sociology Group aims to:

  • Support all sociology graduates working beyond or alongside academic institutions.
  • Raise the status of sociological work undertaken beyond an academic context.
  • Raise awareness of the support needed for applied sociologists.
  • Strengthen the professional identity of applied sociologists.
  • Enhance applied sociological careers.

What We Do

The Applied Sociology Group works to:

  • Support applied sociologists working beyond universities.
  • Offer a model curriculum in applied sociology to universities.
  • Support the development of applied sociology components in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Established (with the support of the BSA) a register of sociologists willing to speak to schools and colleges about careers as a  sociologist.
  • Recruit new sociology graduates to the Group and to the BSA.
  • Offer events for undergraduates and new graduates to support career development in applied sociology.