Education Study Group Archive

9 April 2018
Merit or Meritocracy? 60 years and counting… (A BSA Sociology of Education Study Group and the School of Politics, Geography and Sociology, Newcastle University Event)
Newcastle University, UK

11 July 2016
BSA Sociology of Education Study Group One-Day Conference: 'Grit', Governmentality & the Erasure of Inequality? The Curious Rise of Character Education Policy (in association with Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King's College London and the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds)
King's College London, UK

12 June 2014
BSA Education Study Group Conference - Making a market in higher education: Changing landscape, continuing inequalities?
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

25 September 2013
Education and Learning: Sociological Perspectives - supported by the Sociology of Education Study Group
University of Surrey, UK

17 September 2013
Education Study Group: Young People’s Educational Identities in Challenging Times - PROGRAMME
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK

24 June 2008
Sociology of Education Study Group Seminar
Institute of Education, London
Amy Stuart Wells (Columbia University, New York) "White Flight all over again: Understanding the second generation of White and Middle Class Flight from Blacks and Latinos in the US. suburbs and its implications for public schools".

11 November 2006
Sara Delamont of Cardiff University will be talking on Reflections from a Pariah Site
London Metropolitan University
Bernstein stated that sociologists of education dwelt in Pariah Sites. This is a powerful metaphor, which deserves exploration. The talk will summarise the arguments of the ´Anomalous Beasts?´ paper in the millennial issue of Sociology; and develop them further in the light of subsequent research.

Sara Delamont is writing the volume on The Sociology of Education for the Sage and BSA millennial series of Sociology books, having published the book on Feminist Sociology in 2003: the seminar will focus both inwards onto sociology of education and outwards onto sociology.

27 October 2006
BSA Sociology of Education Study Group Seminar
Mark Olssen (Reader and Director of the Doctoral Programmes for Political, International, and Policy Studies at University of Surrey) will talk about his book 'Michel Foucault: Materialism and Education'.

27 February 2005
BSA Sociology of Education Seminar
Professor Mike Savage of Manchester University will be giving a talk on Social Capital and Stratification

8 November 2002
Sociology of Education Study Group Meeting