Join the Group

We hope that the group and this website will provide an important focal point for researchers, academics, postgraduates, museum professionals, conference organisers, and editors, all working in this field.

While the study groupĀ“s main focus will be sociological, those working on museums in other disciplines, for example, cultural studies, museum and heritage studies, critical and cultural theory, archaeology, history, cultural geography, anthropology, museum education, tourism and leisure studies, or art history, are actively encouraged to participate. We currently have around 80 people from a diverse range of backgrounds who have expressed an interest in participating in the group.

The cross-disciplinary composition of this group is in keeping with the current nature of museological study. We anticipate that the act of bringing together sociologists with colleagues in these other fields will be mutually advantageous.

If you would like to join - or to help with the running of the group - please email us.