Cities, InteracTion, mobilitIEs, Space (CITIES) Study Group

The city and urban life has long been central to the sociological imagination and continues to be an important and thriving field of research. The study and theorizing of the increasing complexity of the contemporary metropolis, offers challenges and opportunities in equal measure to the social scientist. Indeed, the question of how 'the crazy whole hangs together' – first asked by Engels upon arrival in London – is an abiding one. It is a question made even more salient by the fluidity of relations of mobility, interaction and space and the ubiquity of digital technology. In what can be described as the urban era – at a time when more of world’s citizens are living in cities than not, and urbanization continues apace – addressing issues of spatial division and exclusion, protest and resistance, sustainability and resilience, and the politics of public space and transforming urban economies are pressing tasks for contemporary sociology.

The Cities Study Group is looking for New Convenor(s)

After three years Sarah and Marias are stepping down from their role as convenors of the Cities study group. The group covers a variety of interdisciplinary research interests, including housing, architecture and urban design, transport and planning, patterns of consumption and disposal, immigration and social mobility, sense of place and identity, and urban citizenship.  Interested?  Read the full Call for Convenors and register your interest by 10 December 2023.