Continuing the work of the Race Committee, first established in 1998, the new Race Advisory Forum aims to prioritise, consult, feed back and take action on issues related to racial and ethnic equality and diversity at the BSA and in sociology in general in the UK.

The Race Advisory Forum will focus on the following areas:

  • The promotion of equality, diversity and wider representation (in BSA work, membership, decision making, events and speakers);
  • Addressing and combating discrimination;
  • Compliance with equality and human rights legislation;
  • Association operation and strategy;
  • The promotion of a broader and more diverse sociological canon and curriculum;
  • The promotion of sociology and its study amongst diverse communities.

The Forum has a seat on the BSA Advisory Forum and the convenors will rotate the position of representative. In addition to these duties, the Forum has an active interest in promoting greater black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) participation in sociology, particularly diversity and representation in A-Level and higher education. This would include students, faculty and curriculum and stretch out to cover the Association, its membership, events, materials and work.

The Forum has pledged to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the BSA and its members and to serve as a point of contact for BAME BSA members and scholars and those who work in the area of sociology of race and racism/race and ethnicity.