Regional Postgraduate Day Archive

25 March 2022 (11:00-17:00pm)
Everyday ‘Englishness’: Sport, Leisure & the Postcolonial Nation
Bournemouth University, UK

11 April 2022 (09:30-16:30)
Veganism and Vegetarianism as Social Movement and Social Change
University of York, UK (this building and room have wheel chair access)

18 March 2021
Engaging Publics: Creative Ethnographic Methods and Representations
A BSA Postgraduate Forum Regional Event , produced in concert with University of Brighton’s Sport and Leisure Cultures, and Tourism, Hospitality, and Events Research Enterprise Groups
Online Virtual Event

8 November 2019
The BSA Postgraduate Forum Autumn Event: Creating Space in Academia
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK

Event Report

The PGF event, Creating Space in Academia, was held on Friday, 8 November at the London School of Economics. Although the sign-up numbers weren't as the forum had hoped, the day was a huge success and everyone who was booked on to attend came. Creating Space had a strong reception and support on social media prior to the event. We must also acknowledge the content and focus of the event may have created expectations for some possible delegates which were not the focus of their PhD/research journey. The event relied heavily on academics sharing their personal experiences and as such a small delegate list of committed individuals ensured the event acted as a 'safe space' in which people could share their experiences. Exploration of the talks were in-depth, and everyone engaged as only consented content was to be shared on social media. The reception from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with strong thanks to the forum and the BSA being given at the end - delegates were grateful for the event, safe space and way in which it was organised. Many of those who came opted to stay longer for socialising after the event, speaking to the events success. The event has since received a large amount of support on twitter. Using the hashtag #creatingspaceinacademia many of us documented the day and much of what has been tweeted has been retweeted and liked numerous times. We are so happy with the event we hope to use a continuation of it next year. We aim to continue the theme of Critical Intersectionality with our upcoming events. Delegates expressed strong interest in attending the annual event. We are now looking to create a space for blogging and possibly for writing groups to broaden the support the BSA can offer vital upcoming researchers.

3 October 2019
Gender and Networks
University of Manchester, UK

27 June 2019
The Embodied Researcher in Sport
Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent, UK

14 June 2019
Surveillance in the 21st century: from the mundane to the spectacular
Royal Holloway University of London, UK

17 October 2018 (10am-4pm)
BSA Postgraduate Forum - Life Post PhD: What’s Next?
BSA Durham Meeting Room, UK

25-26 June 2018
Nation Building, Family (Un)Making, and Genetic Technologies
London School of Economics, UK

1 June 2018
Adaptive Ethnographies for a 21st Century Sociology
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

1 June 2018
Bioscientific innovation, medical imaginaries and experiences of contemporary healthcare
University of Edinburgh, UK

18 May 2018
Intimate lives? Autism, Gender, Sex/uality, and Identity
University of Birmingham, UK

11 May 2018
Empirical Research on Drug Use and Recovery: methodological concerns, ethical practices and the question of impact
University of Liverpool, UK

11 May 2018
Critical realism in practice: Applications in management and organisation studies
Newcastle University Business School, UK

15 November 2017 (9am-4pm)
Innovative Methods for Researching Societal Inequalities
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK

21 September 2017
Social Theory Beyond Whiteness
University of Cambridge, UK

12 July 2017 (10.30am-6.00pm)
Understanding Human Rights in Practice: opportunities, challenges and the need for a contextual approach
University of Essex, UK

23 June 2017
'It’s a Family Affair' - Researching with Families
Birmingham City University, UK

23 June 2017
Contemporary Racisms in Scotland and England: Interrogating, Comparing, and Learning from Brexit and its Aftermath
Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, UK

7 June 2017
Policing Futures: Contexts, Practices and Debates
University of Leeds, UK

6 June 2017
Confronting and Experiencing the White Academy
Cardiff University, UK

2 June 2017
What is educational research and who is it for?
University of Stirling, UK

5 May 2017
Boundaries, Bodies, Borders: The Global Exchange of Human Body Parts
University of Leeds, UK

3 April 2017
BSA Postgraduate Forum Pre-conference Day
University of Manchester, UK

29 March 2017
Public sociology and the role of the researcher: engagement, communication and academic activism
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

22 September 2016
BSA Postgraduate Event: Subjectivity and Research practice within Qualitative Research

21 November 2015
The Making of the Sociological Researcher: Critique, Practice, Performance
BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK

19 October 2015
Ongoing Research - Nuffield Q-Step Initiative
Cardiff University, UK

25 June 2015
Re-appropriating Values in Higher Education
University of Manchester, UK

4 June 2015
Society and Crisis: Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations of Societal Well-Being
University of Leicester, UK

29 May 2015
The Sociology of technologically mediated reproduction
De Montfort University, UK

19 May 2015
Emotional Methodologies – methods for researching emotionally-charged data and reflections on researchers’ responses to them
University of Leicester, Open University, UK

15 May 2015
Challenging hidden normativity at work: Key thinkers in the research area of intersectionality
Heriot-Watt University, UK

8 May 2015
Uncertain Futures in Health Care and Illness
Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London, UK

2 April 2015
‘Place Hacking’ Sociology
University of Liverpool, UK

24 June 2014
Mapping Feminisms: Feminist Histories and Futures
University of Edinburgh, UK

18 June 2014
Citizenship in the 21st Century: Sociological, Political and Cultural Perspectives
University of Huddersfield, UK

13 June 2014
Youth Activism and Resistance
University of Leicester, UK

13 June 2014
BSA Regional Postgraduate Event: Pace, Penalty and Pirouette: The Sociology of Physical Culture
Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

3 June 2014
Exploring narrative approaches to research and re-presentation in the late postmodern era
Open University, UK

3 April 2014
Ending the Apprenticeship: From PhD. Student to Early Career Researcher
Northumbria University, UK