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Gender and Working Lives

A multi-disciplinary symposium

Friday 15th March, 09:00 – 17:00

POLIS – Alison Richard Building, SG1, University of Cambridge

Open to all. We especially welcome postgraduate and early career researchers.

Human labour, both waged and non-waged, is central to the reproduction of society as a whole. 

This one-day multi-disciplinary symposium at the University of Cambridge will showcase new scholarship exploring gendered perspectives on work and social reproduction.  The symposium brings together emerging research under the broad theme of gender and working lives.

The Symposium will showcase work by postgraduate and early career scholars exploring gender and work in relation to the following themes and beyond:

  • Production/reproduction
  • Temporalities, work rhythms and generations.
  • Diverse/marginal economies.
  • Precarity and informality
  • Migration
  • Embodiment and materialities


Keynote Lecture 17:30 (Law Building LG17)

Professor Linda McDowell: Gender divisions of labour and periods of crisis: reflections on employment change in the UK.

Email jla53@cam.ac.uk for further information.

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