BSA Regional Conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Postgraduate Researchers

13 September 2019
Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK

About the Event

"Good research studies the great minds; Great research seeks to know it's own mind"

We are in an era in which our understanding of mental health and psychological wellbeing is increasing and diversifying. There is value in having a forum in which that knowledge can be brought together with expertise and experiential learning around the postgraduate research life and process. 

The purpose of the conference is to bring a range of individuals together who have, from different perspectives and standpoints, expertise, interest, scholarship or experience of the subject of mental health and wellbeing with regard to post-graduate researchers. This is a purposefully pluralist and intentionally diverse conference with three threads running through it. Potential contributors might include, but are not limited to: 

  • Researchers into mental health and wellbeing who can present their research with applications to post-graduate research in mind.
  • Researchers of the post-graduate research experience who can present their research with mental health and wellbeing in mind.
  • Current or recent post-graduate researchers who would like to share their experience of their own mental health and wellbeing during their studies.
  • Undergraduate students and past or current users or staff of mental health services who have an interest in going on to postgraduate research. 

The conference is being held at Northumbria University’s City Campus on 13 September 2019. 

Call for Papers & Contributions

Contributions are sought for the BSA Regional Conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Post-graduate Researchers. The conference is tri-partite in structure, with three parallel threads through the day. These will be: 

  • Research and scholarship presentations (20 mins) on the theme of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Post-graduate Research, including a Keynote address 
  • A visual art and research poster space containing both artwork and ‘traditional’ research posters on the subject of Mental Health and Wellbeing in/and/or Post-graduate Research as well as any offers that bridge the gap between the two. This will be up throughout the day. 
  • Two or more ‘What works for me’ sessions: speakers are invited to speak for five minutes in a witty and accessible way about strategies they have found useful or helpful in maintaining their wellbeing during the experience of postgraduate research. 

Abstracts are gratefully welcomed for any of these aspects of the conference. Please submit one or more of: 

  • A 100 word abstract (for 20 min presentations) 
  • A 50 word summary (for a 5 min ‘what works for me’ slot) 
  • A short description of your proposed artwork or poster of 40-100 words, or a picture of your artwork/poster if already complete (for the visual art and poster gallery) 

Please submit abstracts and proposals to by 5pm on 19 July 2019. We will aim to respond by the 2 August 2019. We look very much forward to receiving your submissions.

"apple" - conference image by Kelly-Jayne.