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Out of the Armchair! Exploring 'Uncomfortable' Qualitative Methods for a Changing World

A BSA Early Career Forum Regional Event in partnership with the Swansea School of Management Centre for People and Organisation

9 June 2022 (10am-5pm)
Swansea University School of Management

About the Event

In partnership with the British Sociological Association, the Swansea School of Management Centre for People and Organisation would like to invite you to a day designed to move you beyond your methodological armchair and encourage you to push the boundaries of your qualitative research.

As Early Career Researchers (ECRs) it is common – certainly in my own experience – to fall back on 'tried' and 'tested' qualitative research methods. These methods are comfortable, extensively written about, and broadly accepted within the scholarly community. However, in a rapidly changing and digitized world, the suitability and relevance of these methods - despite their popularity - are under increasing scrutiny. How then, as early-career researchers, can we stand up and move beyond our methodological armchairs? Often, it is the reserve of those who do not have the (well-known) pressures of early career academics who feel more able to push methodological boundaries.

The aim of this symposium is to change that perception: making the uncomfortable familiar and accessible. By providing attendees with the support and knowledge, it is hoped this workshop will inspire individuals to pursue new and different methodological approaches in their own research. This one-day interactive workshop will introduce attendees to a range of innovative qualitative approaches to research.

A diverse range of methods will be encountered and unpacked by a panel of expert speakers and are considered methodological pioneers in their respective fields of study. This includes the exploration and unpacking of creative, visual, sensory, material, and digital methods. Common challenges and opportunities will be discussed, but more importantly, attendees will be provided with a safe space to explore, challenge their assumptions, and learn.


Online attendance will also be catered for if needed, please contact the organiser Dr Helen Williams if you would like to attend the event online.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided, further details of speakers and the panel will be released closer to the event.

Useful Information

Traveling to Swansea University's Bay Campus?

  • The School of Management in a fully accessible venue.
  • Public parking is available on campus (£3 per day).