Fashion & Diversity: One-Day Conference

18 September 2019
Royal College of Art, Kensington, UK - PROGRAMME

About the Event

The Fashion System is increasingly challenged by issues of diversity and by the politics of embodiment, which question the dominance of thin, white, beautiful, young, perfect bodies in the presentation and creation of fashion. What role does and should fashion play in shaping, valorising and excluding different bodies and different cultural experiences? How far has the wider political focus on diversity and inclusivity been reflected in this cultural sphere? What are the implications of these issues for design?

The conference brings together academics, cultural critics, designers and industry leaders to debate the issues raised by diversity and its implications, for the fashion industry, fashion education and everyday practice. Presentations will address the intersectionalities of gender, race, class, sexuality, age disability, religion, and size exploring the ways in which bodies are represented in and through the fashion system and its associated media. In doing so, it will challenge the dominance of the fashion ideal, addressing the day-to-day nature of dress as it exists in the embodied lives of diverse subjects.

Jointly organised by: 

  • Dr Katherine Appleford, University of Kingston
  • Professor Julia Twigg, SSPSSR, University of Kent
  • Dr Jo-Anne Bichard, Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art
  • Dr Chris McGinley, Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art

Supported by British Sociological Association and Royal College of Art.

The conference will be held at the Kensington site of the Royal College of Art, London SW7 2EU, 18 September 2019, 10.00-17.00.