Building on Bourdieu in National and International Spaces

A Bourdieu Study Group Event

Sheffield Hallam University, UK
27 September 2019

About the Event

Building on the success of the study group from its inception in 2010 this event will bring together study group members and Bourdieusian scholars for a celebration of its success through a one day conference on the theme of Building on Bourdieu in National and International Spaces. This event will celebrate the expansion of the study group, and the addition of four new convenors, including three from outside of the UK.

Speakers include:

Within British sociology of education Bourdieu has dominated the theoretical landscape over the last two decades, prompting criticisms of ‘overuse’ and ‘unoriginality’. Scholars are thus being challenged to argue for the continued utility of Bourdieusian theory within educational research and to defend against the problematic idea that theory becomes redundant when it is used. In the rest of Europe these arguments are less pronounced, whilst in the US Bourdieusian theory is not part of the maelstrom of sociology of education. This conference seeks to explore the use of Bourdieu within different national and international contexts, bringing together a range of perspectives from different geographical locations. The theme is broad and we invite papers that engage with any aspect of Bourdieusian theory within educational research. The aim of the conference is to start an international conversation on the contemporary relevance of Bourdieu in social research.

Call for Papers

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and should include a title and 3 keywords. Please provide a short biography (50-100 words) in the section marked Biography.  Please submit your abstracts here.  The committee will make a selection of participants based on the quality and relevance of the submitted abstracts. 


1) Submission of abstracts deadline: 15 August 2019

2) Announcement of selected abstracts: 21 August 2019

3) Registration closes: 20 September 2019

Useful Information

Refreshments and lunch during the conference and an evening wine reception will be provided for all participants.

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The Bourdieu Study Group cannot be held responsible for last minute changes to the advertised programme due to unforeseen circumstances.

For further information about this conference please contact the Bourdieu Study Group.

For any help in relation to abstract submission please contact the BSA Events Team.

About the BSA Bourdieu Study Group

The Bourdieu Study Group was conceived and founded in 2010 by a small group of scholars interested in Bourdieusian theory and has developed into an extensive international network. Moving on from organizing well attended small national workshops over a five-year period, the British Sociological Association’s Bourdieu Study Group held their inaugural international conference in 2016. The 2016 meeting was a truly international affair which brought together scholars, practitioners, and policy makers from as far as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Chile, U.S., and many European countries. Keynotes and workshops were held across a wide number of areas of Bourdieusian inquiry which included lively debates on issues such as: ‘race’ and ethnicity; public sociology and activism; conceptualisation and uses of theory in research; methods and methodology; culture and taste; and the continued and contemporary relevance of Bourdieu.

Building on this the second international conference convened at Lancaster University, 10th-12th July 2018 and took forward some of the debates emerging from the 2016 event, whilst engaging in new themes related to Bourdieusian research and scholarship. The main theme for the conference was ‘Reproduction’ and ‘Resistance’. Although in some ways an age old debate, informed by notions of structure and agency, it is nonetheless an unsettled discussion within Bourdieusian understandings. Bourdieu’s work is often viewed as incompatible with theories of change and resistance, relying too much on sustained structures recycling inequalities, yet newer Bourdieusian scholars contend that his work allows for consideration of structural and individual social change, especially within a late neoliberal context.

The aims of the Bourdieu Study Group are:

  • To encourage and support the discussion and application of Bourdieusian social theory within sociological research.
  • To bring together researchers interested in a range of substantive areas to generate and consolidate theoretical knowledge.
  • To facilitate networking and discussion through organized activities.
  • To support postgraduate students who are engaging with Bourdieu.
  • To develop international connections with a community of Bourdieusian scholars.