BSA Theory Conference: The Future of Social Theory

6 September 2019
BSA Meeting Room, London, UK - PROGRAMME

Keynote Speaker

  • Dr Monika Krause (London School of Economics)

About the Event

It is an interesting time for social theory. Internally, advances in fields such as the biosocial, actor-network and intersectional approaches and the revival of relational sociology have offered new insights. Meanwhile, post/decolonial critiques have encouraged us to look again at our canon and inspirations. These challenges have stretched the sociological imagination to include a broader range of theorists and theoretical perspectives, in addition to those coming from Bourdieusian, feminist, critical realist and poststructuralist positions, which continue to be especially significant in British sociology. Alongside this, theorists have responded to the aftermath of the economic crisis of 2008 and subsequent rise in right-wing populism with an increased focus on questions of class, power and politics. But social theorists in Britain write in an environment where funding for theoretical work is significantly decreasing, while the space needed to think is squeezed by the competing demands of academic life. External conditions, therefore, also pose numerous challenges for them.

Lunch, along with tea and coffee, will be provided on the day. Any questions about the conference can be directed to the BSA Theory study group convenors, Matt Dawson, Charlie Masquelier and Susie Scott.