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Society, Materiality and the More-than-Human

Seminar 3 of an international seminar series from the BSA New Materialisms Study Group

26 September 2022 (1400–1500 BST)

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Dr Kim Ringmar Sylwander (Malmö University, Sweden)
Title: ‘Whores, hijabs and heart emojis”: intersectional explorations of youth’s sexualized and racialized online assemblages’

Technologies such as smartphones and the internet have become seamless parts of our everyday lives. Young people’s social lives largely play out on, with and through these technologies. Drawing on a netnographic study of young social media users’ online interactions, this talk will explore how young people’s lives are conditioned in intersectional ways within their everyday social technological environments. In particular the presentation will map the youths’ affective orientations and bodily capacities within the sexualized and racialized assemblages of these online spaces.

Kim R. Sylwander is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Sexology and Sexuality Studies at Malmö University in Sweden. Her research centres on how children and youth navigate technologically mediated environments. Her previous research has focused on sexualized and racialized hate among youth online as well as young people’s consumption of pornography. Her current work explores how youth negotiate sexual consent in online contexts.


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