Sixth BSA Food Study Group Conference: Food Systems & Society 2019

Re-Imagining Food Systems, Sustainability, Futures and the Everyday

24–25 June 2019
Monash University, Prato, Italy

Plenary Speakers

About the Event

Our food systems face multiple challenges spanning from climate change, trade wars and financialization, urbanization and population growth, through to food crime.  Rates of diet-related NCDs also continue to rise while malnutrition and food insecurity persist in many countries.  This metabolic rift or disjuncture between our food systems, public health and equity priorities, and the natural world means that change is needed.  But how do we re-imagine our food systems?  What should they look like if they are to combine concerns for health, sustainability, and social justice?  How do we achieve these food futures?  How do we link change at the macro level with everyday practices? 

The 6th BSA Food Study Group Conference will provide a forum in which to address these key questions as we seek to transcend disciplinary boundaries and policy silos. 

See you in Prato!

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