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Emerging Challenges in Digital Ageing

A BSA Early Career Research Forum Event

21 June 2021 (10:00-15:00 BST) - DOWNLOAD PROGRAMME

About the Event

Digital health promises a future of empowered citizens collaborating with healthcare providers and technicians to develop information systems that help maintain optimal levels of Quality of Life and Wellbeing. However, this goal has remained elusive for the general population, and especially for ageing populations.

Digital technologies play a growing role in individual and institutional monitoring of Quality of Life. But social and digital inequalities create a gap between individuals’ Quality of Life awareness and their access to Quality of Life technologies sensitive to their concerns in relation to Quality of Life, their social context, their self-monitoring habits, and their digital skills.

Despite the critiques of digital health Sociology has tended to disregard the digital gap between generations as a transitory phase that would be overcome once younger – and technologically savvy – populations grow older. However, digital exclusion intersects with socioeconomic, geographical, and health exclusion and, the most likely scenario is that as long as these forms of exclusion exist, so will digital exclusion, albeit in forms we have not so far anticipated.

Emerging Challenges in Digital Ageing is an interactive event aimed at facilitating the dialogue, knowledge exchange, and the proliferation of ideas between early career and established researchers in the field.

Captioned video talks will be available the week before the event and the day event will be conducted online. Links provided to registered participants.


  • Prof Tiago Moreira (Durham University): Frailing Digital Technologies.
  • Prof Ellen Annandale (University of York): Building Scholarship Capital in Health Research.
  • Dr Richard Milne (Wellcome Genome Campus/Cambridge University): Digital Diagnostics, the Borders of the Clinic and the Ageing Body in Space.
  • Dr Alex Peine (University of Utrecht): The Co-constitution of Ageing and Technology.
  • Dr Jonathan Wistow: (Durham University/FUSE): Local Health Inequalities and Ageing.
  • Moderator: Dr Cynthia Meersohn Schmidt (University of York)


There are 15 free places available to doctoral researchers and early career researchers on a first come first served basis.

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  • Non-members:  £10

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