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Paper Title: Covid and the loss of a Sense of Coherence (by Francisca Veale, University of Gloucestershire)

BSA Auto/Biography Study Group Seminar

4 March 2021 (17:00-18:00)

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Covid and the loss of a Sense of Coherence presented by Francisca Veale, University of Gloucestershire

The abstract: The paper focuses on the impact of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic on people’s work-life balance and their sense of coherence (SoC). The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in one or many ways and might lead to long-lasting trauma for individuals or whole communities. Work-life balance as it was known has been thrown out of its balance, and the term ‘new normal’ has entered people’s language. Not only is it ‘new’ but nobody knows how long it lasts. Many are worried about how work is going to be conducted during these times of uncertainty. Those who can work from home having to change their work and personal life arrangements to establish a new kind of work-life balance. New virtual communities have developed in order to stay connected on a personal level as well as using virtual platforms to continue work where possible. The familiarity, routine, and known factors of working in an office environment with colleagues, the community spirit that may have been part of their professional or personal life has most likely lost its SoC. Antonovsky (1985) argued that a SoC is a key factor in maintaining health and wellbeing, meaning: a) to see life events as comprehensible, b) being able to manage life’s challenges, and b) to give meaning to their life. But, the ‘meaningfulness’ not only of our lives but also our work life has been impacted by the Covid pandemic. For many, the crisis has spiralled out of their Spheres of Control (Covey 2004). 

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