Careers in the Sociology of Alcohol in Academia & Beyond

A one-day event for Postgraduate & Early Career Researchers

24 May 2019
BSA London Meeting Room, UK - PROGRAMME

Are you a Postgraduate or Early Career Researcher interested in finding out more about pursuing an academic career researching alcohol, and alternative alcohol-related career pathways that exist? Then join us to hear about and discuss potential careers with a range of experienced researchers and practitioners.

Topics and speakers include:

Academic careers

  • Betsy Thom, Professor of Health Policy, Middlesex University
  • James Kneale, Senior Lecturer in Geography, University College London
  • Thomas Thurnell-Read, Lecturer in Cultural Sociology, Loughborough University

Careers beyond academia

  • Eric Carlin, Director of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems
  • Doreen Joy Barber, Community Engagement Lead, Cloudwater Brew Co.
  • William Haydock, Senior Health Programme Advisor, Public Health Dorset

The event will also feature roundtable discussions on publishing from your PhD and negotiating the world of research funding as an Early Career Researcher.


  • PGR or ECR in a non-permanent post BSA member: £5
  • PGR or ECR in a non-permanent post non-BSA member: £10
  • ECR in a permanent post BSA member: £15
  • ECR in a permanent post non-BSA member: £20