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Alcohol Transitions: Past, Present and Post- Pandemic

A BSA Alcohol Studies Group Half-Day Virtual Workshop

17 September 2020 (10.30am-2.00pm with regular breaks)

About the Event

We are aware that many of you will be interested in the impact of the Covid 19 -pandemic and the lockdown on certain aspects of society and humanity particularly in relation to alcohol, drinking places and sobriety. In line with this we have decided to hold a half-day (virtual) workshop bringing together scholars, PhD students, researchers the voluntary sector and campaigners to discuss the roles and relationships that alcohol, sobriety and drinking spaces has and will play in society as we move towards a new ‘normal’ in a post-pandemic society.

We will have 3 stimulating presentations followed by discussions to allow reflection on where next for alcohol related research. Additionally, we will be holding an optional virtual ‘networking session’ during the final part of the workshop to allow for informal discussions between attendees. Agenda and confirmed speaker list to be released nearer the date.

This workshop will appeal to scholars engaging in research around alcohol including; drinking habits and patterns, drinking spaces, sobriety.

Confirmed speaker topics

  • Drinking as a Collective Representation of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Ireland
  • The Covid-19 lockdown, drinking and mental health in the UK
  • Drinking transitions and drinking spaces during the UK Covid-19 lockdown


Registration is required but the event is free of charge.

Contact the Organisers

For further information, please contact Claire or Kat.